CULTURAMA is the new destination for discoverers defending the best of Art, Architecture and Design in order to reinvent your contemporary lifestyle.
Monthly webmagazine, bilingual editorial platform, and broadcaster of audiovisual creation at the same time, CULTURAMA explores the trends of 21st century Art and Design, with its exclusive interviews, articles, documentaries, and reports.
Hundreds of renowned artists have already participated in this adventure. We construct bridges between players of the contemporary art market. In this endeavour, CULTURAMA is becoming an essential tool.
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CULTURAMA has published a webmagazine every month since 2016. Access is free and open to anyone. With more than 30,000 readers, published in both French and English, this digital periodical has established itself with more than forty issues to date. The themes put forward are manifold and innovative.
Such bilingual publishing strategy has drawn over 15,000 loyal subscribers from Europe, Russia, China, Australia, North Africa, and the Americas.


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    CULTURAMA STUDIO is a YouTube channel covering artistic and cultural subjects through never-seen documentary mini-series and films. The videos have already attracted thousands of viewers, generating 520,000 views for CULTURAMA HOMEMADE & DISCOVERY only.
    In an exceptional period, the CULTURAMA HOMEMADE series have grown as a unique experience produced in full lockdown and shared into the digital space. By the way, HOMEMADE premiered on April 1, 2020, well before Netflix’s namesake show in June 2020!


    Our team is made up of writers, visual artists, and film directors who collaborate in a spirit of research and discovery. The synergy of our talents can enrich your projects when producing multimedia content, such as documentaries, reports, editorials, in French, English and Russian.
    An article? An event? A movie? The CULTURAMA team offers itself to support you throughout the implementation of your project. Our multimedia experience has materialized through multi-artistic collaborations, notably with the Videoformes festival and artists such as Bizhan Bassiri, Angélique, Anne Senstad.


    With CULTURAMA, you associate your image with the prestige of Art.
    Our team brings together different actors of the world of contemporary Art, Design and Architecture. As a result, our professional network has hundreds of internationally renowned personalities who trust us, such as:

    Ah Xian (sculptor), Alejandro Durán (artist), Bart Hess (artist), Barthélémy Toguo (artist), Bizhan Bassiri (sculptor), Carlos Medina (artist), Catherine Gallois (gallery owner), Claire Morgan (artist), Cliff Hoodzy (composer), Dana Mussa (choreographer), Fabien Toulmé (designer), François Migeat (director), Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir alias Shoplifter (visual artist), Hubert Duprat (visual artist), Isaac Julien (videographer), Jérémy Gobé (visual artist), Jean Isnard (sculpture), Jean-Marie Lavallée (designer-AI), John Sanborn (videographer), Julien Salaud (sculptor), Léonor Para (curator), Laurent Mareschal (artist), Lucy McRae (visual artist), Michel Kichka (caricaturist), Michele Spanghero (visual artist), mmm (editor), Nathalie Hainaut (art critic), Neïl Beloufa (visual artist), Prune Nourry (visual artist), Rem Koolhaas (architect), Stéphane Trois Carrés (visual artist), Susumu Shingu (visual artist) , Sylvery Bolotte (videographer), Tami Notsani (photographer), Wim Delvoye (artist), Xavier Lavergne (designer-architect), Yinka Shonibare (artist), Yoann Ximenes (artist), and many others.
    CULTURAMA faithfully defends your brand in front of 30,000 art enthusiasts and professionals!


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